Monday, September 12, 2011

Now on Amazon

Meredith's fifth book, Return to Greystone is now available to purchase.  You can buy it on Amazon in either paperback for $14.99 or the Kindle version for just $8.99.  You can also purchase it here for $14.99 in paperback.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Return to Greystone

Meredith's fifth book, the third book in the Greystone series is set to be release October 1, 2011. 
Return to Greystone 
by Meredith Kennon 
Return to Greystone is the dramatic and heartwarming conclusion to her Greystone Series, which has brought England’s World War II home-front struggles to life.  Nearly six years into the war, Mrs. Eleanor Wood, the widowed mistress of Greystone Manor, anxiously awaits the return of her son William from a Japanese POW camp.  A recent letter from him to his steadfast fiancée has given rise to new hope that he has indeed survived the war.  As the conflict in the Pacific draws to its frighful close, Eleanor finds that instead of the quiet reprieve she was anticipating, her home is needed more than ever to alleviate the widespread housing shortage. Concerned by the difficulties still facing the war-torn people of her country, she observes those around her bravely embracing the future, and wishes she was young enough to pursue the desires of her own heart. Drawing strength from her family, and most especially from Gilda Gardner, her young protégé, Eleanor watches, wishes, and waits.