Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Under the Same Umbrella

Meredith's first book was released today. It is now available to buy here. It will also be available on Amazon soon.

Under the Same Umbrella
By Meredith Kennon
After her mother's death and at her request, thirty-six year old Londoner, Carrie Townsend, travels to America to meet a stranger, Janet Larson, her mother's long-distance friend of many years. Travel-weary and broken-hearted, Carrie knows only that she is to learn things from Janet that her mother, Rachel, could not bear to tell her herself. She has always known that she was born on Long Island in 1969 to an unwed mother, but until now had never thought to question her mother's connection to Janet and the history that they shared. This meeting is not easy for Janet either who has learned over time to put her past tragedies to rest and live peacefully in the present. Neither Carrie nor Janet can foresee that their future happiness hinges on their connection to each other and the past. In the safety of the small town of Settler's Grove, Carrie finds comfort for her grief, balm for her guilt, companionship in the form of a six year old boy, and finally romance when she least expects it.


Joni said...

I just got my copy yesterday and am excited to read it!

Zack Thornton said...


My wife and I have been fighting over the book....she won, I did not get it back for 3 days, she finished and now I am enjoying the read.

Thanks for letting know about the book in your family letter we recieved. Looking forward to reading Tattered letters....Carol
and I hope we can come and see you and Henry, soon.

Your first Missionary/1975

Zack Thornton