Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost Enough

Meredith's THIRD book is expected to be released November 1, 2009. She has been working very hard and already has ideas for the forth book!

Almost Enough
By Meredith Kennon

On the morning of her seventeenth birthday, any hopes that Gilda Morris might have had for a special day are dashed when she hears on the wireless that England has declared war with Germany. Handicapped from birth, Gilda does not get an opportunity to do her bit in the war until four years later. Her neighbor and friend, Mrs. Eleanor Wood, determinedly gets Gilda called up to do war work at her home, Grey Stone Manor in Warwickshire, where she provides accommodation for airmen stationed at the nearby training field. Within hours of her service, Gilda is able to forget her own disabilities as she witnesses the many sacrifices made by others. Out from under her mother’s critical eye, Gilda begins to realize that there is more to her than her deformities. She becomes part of a world to which she had never before been exposed, sees firsthand the vagaries of human nature, and believes that it is almost enough until she finds herself very much in love.

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